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Despite the use of many products, we continue to have scale build-up on our waterline, how could Net’Line® be more efficient?

Our Research and Development Service required several months to perfect Net’Line® as two considerations had to be taken into account. In fact, there are primarily two types of scum build-up that produce waterlines; firstly, lime scale from the pool water and, secondly, oily scum from environmental factors (urban areas, vegetation). In this regard, the cleaning product must be both descaling and degreasing at the same time.

A lot of the traditional products on the market offer a solution to only one of the problems – either A descaling product or A degreasing product. This means that the user must be able to clearly identify the nature of the dirty marks and buy two products.

Thanks to its special composition, Net’Line®, a single products, attacks both types of build-up with incredible efficiency.

Why does it come in a gel form?

The gel texture offers the same results as a liquid product would but offers extra benefits:
– It’s practical: convenience of use with lasting, direct application on the targeted area.
– Economical: no spillage thus optimal use of the quantity applied.
Thanks to its gel texture, the return on Net’Line* is superior to all other products currently available.

Why does it come in a tube form?

The majority of products on today’s market come in tins or bottles which are not very easy to use so TOUCAN has innovated with a more practical and attractive item: a tube with a capacity of 250 ml that is easy to transport, to open, to close and to apply, making it an efficient and economical cleaning product.

How do I use Net’Line® ?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is apply Net’Line® onto the dampened wall and let it work for a couple of minutes, scrub any stubborn stains with a sponge and, then, wipe it off well with a wet sponge.

What proof is there that Net’Line® works?

Net’Line® was created at the request of its users who were looking for an efficient, 2 in 1 cleaning product which represents an alternative to the Pool’Gom®.
After many hours of work by our Research and Development Service, like our other three items in our product range, we are very confident as to their future success!

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